WE DELIVER integrated services primarily serving the oil and gas industry

we provide cutting-edge technical services and licensed technologies with expertise crafted from years of experience working with energy technologists and mega projects.

Our company

Isoaf S.r.l. was founded on 15th July 2021. With registered seat in Milan, we are operating from Villamarzana (Rovigo). Isoaf will be one of the strategic suppliers of the so called EACOP (www.eacop.com) project. We will perform our engineering, managerial and procurement services in Italy, production will be carried out by our subsidiary Isoaf Tz. In Tanzania.

Our senior management

Erik Nugteren
Erik attained his B.A. in Industrial Engineering from the Rotterdam Institute of Technology. Erik has over 25 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, during which he has filled various management, commercial and operational roles around the world including the Far East, Africa, Australia, South-America and Europe. In his last position he was Project director for the Wasco Group in the Nordstream 2 project.


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Please find here all open positions for Italy and Tanzania:
– International HR Specialist Project, based in Italy

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